B2B Undervalued And Small School Players: LBs

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LB Skai Moore, South Carolina (see above)
LB Quentin Poling, Ohio  (See above)
LB Freddie Luvu, Washington State WSU’s defense is a unique scheme, with basically a whole bunch of wound-up, crazed, and versatile parts. Luvu played sort of an ILB in 2016, then switched to a rush LB, similar to an Elephant position for 2017. Tested like an elite athlete and his versatility will help him in the right scheme.

LB Garrett Dolan, Houston Baptist
Rangy with size, speed,  and wonderful instincts… what’s not to like? Can he translate his 2-time All-American play from FCS? I think he might be the best non-FBS LB I’ve seen this year.

LB Jermaine Carter, Jr., Maryland  Really like his game, whether chasing sideline to sideline, blitzing, or making plays on the ball in coverage. A little undersized for the NFL, but I guessing he can make a roster and contribute.

LB Eric Boggs, Appalachian State  Averaged 100 tackles, 7 TFL, 4 sacks, 3 INTs, and 2 passes defensed over the past 3 years as a starter. POY in SunBelt. One of the few all-around LBs in this class.

LB Brett Taylor, Western Illinois  Throwback MLB, appropriately playing for the Leathernecks. Sideline to sideline and does a good job of recognizing plays.

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