B2B Undervalued And Small School Players: TEs

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TE Dallas Goedert (see part 1)
TE/H-Back Ryan Yurachek, Marshall Not enough love for a slightly undersized, versatile receiver who was Chase Sutton’s go-to guy in the red zone. His 10 TDs in 2017 were the most by any TE in this class.

TE Deon Yelder, Louisville  Unheralded former walk-on who worked his way to a starting job this year. Shows rare ability to run routes and catch the ball like a wideout, work effectively as an inline TE, and pass protect as an H-Back

TE Tyler Conklin, Central Michigan  Old school vibe, but used mainly as a split WR to get matchups on smaller DBs. Not the biggest TE not the most athletic, but a nice all-around TE.

TE Garrett Hudson, Richmond  
More of a move TE or big WR, he wins with straight speed off the start line: a 1.57 10yd and a 4.6 40 at 6’4″, 244lbs.

TE Tanner Hudson, Southern Arkansas  Hard to get a read on just how athletic or fast this Mulerider TE is, but he seems better than his LOC in D2. At 6’5″ and 242lbs, he moves really well in the open field.

TE Ross Dwelley, San Diego  You want a move TE who can make acrobatic catches, with great hands, a wide catch radius, and some shake-n-bake after the catch? Dwelley is your man.

TE Dillon Beard, Southern  Bull in a china shop and a good blocker. The opposite of the athletic, lean modern types, but it sure is fun to see a big dude run over other dudes. Get out of my way!

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