B2B Undervalued And Small School Players: OL

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OT Brandon Parker, North Carolina A&T  

If you saw Tarik Cohen in this space last year, then you saw the big LT who paved the way. Has size and length galore.

OL Austin Corbett, Nevada  (see above)
OL Dejon Allen, Hawaii I know I said New Mexico guys get no love, but Hawaii players are hardly taken seriously, either. Dejon Allen didn’t get a combine invite but he has solid skills as an interior OL who can play center or guard.
OL Sandley Felix-Jones , Marshall
Enormous mountain of a soft-spoken Haitian, his 36 1/4 ” arms and 87 1/8″ wingspan, along with a basketball background make him a really interesting tackle project. He played well for Marshall at both Left and Right Tackle, but a back injury limited his effectiveness in 2015 and early 2016. If he goes to a great OL development team like Pittsburgh or New England, the sky is the limit.
OL Cole Madison, Washington State Some OL gifts can be hard to quantify on paper, but Cole Madison is a slightly unhinged warrior on the field. There’s something about the kids that get recruited to Washington State, because he’s one of three on this list who are all amped up to 11.

OL Dave Steinmetz, Purdue Stenmetz was recruited to and coached at tiny University of Maine. Steinmetz was a graduate transfer to Purdue and got a little lost in the draft shuffle, but he is extremely athletic and can play along the line. A good candidate for a long-term NFL backup.

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