B2B Undervalued And Small School Players: RB

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RB Ryan Nall, Oregon State (see above)

RB Chris Warren III, Texas  His father is a Seahawks legend RB, but Chris III has the sweet feet that made Jerome Bettis famous, making quick cuts in the hole that belie his 250lb frame. Warren III also ran an official 4.53 at his pro day, and I’m not sure Jerome Bettis ever ran 4.53, at any age or weight. Warren is an excellent pass protector (often asked to block edge rushers 1 on 1 with success) and a plus power running back who sheds would-be tacklers like flies.

 RB/FB/WR Jalen Samuels, North Carolina State  Do it all multi-tool who passed it, ran it, caught it with a lot of success. His ability to be a one-cut runner shocked me… he might be top 5 in the class at that see-hole, plant foot, go upfield skill. Oh, and he’s easily the best receiver among running back types in this year’s class.

RB Martez Carter, Grambling State  Quick first step and good vision.

RB Boston Scott, Louisiana Tech  He’s like the mini-me powerlifting cousin (5061 203)  to Tarik Cohen’s mini me Barry Sanders (5062 179). Just imagine a faster, more explosive Devonta Freeman, squished into a package that is 2 or 3 inches shorter, and you’ll pretty much have it.

RB Larry Rose III, New Mexico State  Some guys just have a natural feel for playing RB that you can’t teach. When to cut, when to lower your shoulder and power on–how to set up defenders and make them miss. Larry Rose III isn’t the biggest at 5’11” 185, but he runs with power and vision as good as anyone. Add in his  pass-catching skills, and he may get a shot at an NFL roster. Those cats who play in New Mexico don’t get the attention the east coast players do, they don’t get the attention Big12 or Pac12 guys do… they don’t even get the attention Colorado, Utah, & Wyoming guys do. If they did, the smooth, good all-round game of Rose would be a lot more noticed.

RB Trenton Cannon, Virginia State  Like watching a young Shady McCoy playing at the D2 level. A little shake & bake, a little burst, and enough long speed to think he has a shot at the higher level that plays on Sundays. Nose for the end zone, with 51 TDs in 3 years.

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