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    (27) Create an avatar for your potential customer and market to it. Find out who your customer is before you try to sell them anything. You can have a significant impact upon the results you achieve by creating a customer avatar which includes all the traits of your prospect. Get inside your customers mind. How old are they now? What is their income? What are their fears and hopes? What are their goals and ambitions? You get my point. If you are able to accurately determine their needs, selling to an avatar can increase your earnings. Find out where you audience hangs and go there for interaction.

    Why? benefits of digital marketing You can always argue that he had a loyal fan base and a well-known name, so it was reasonable to expect him to make a lot of e-book sales.His blog receives around 500,000 visits per year, which is a solid “platform” or Internet presence and a great way to promote your books!

    (18) Take full responsibility for everything you do online. why use digital marketing Adjust your strategy or mindset if something isn’t working before you blame the system.

    Your site URL should be embedded on your videos. You can’t guarantee that people will view all of your videos. It is a smart move to include your website URL throughout the video. This will increase your chances for viewers visiting your website.

    Convincing is essential. This goes along with the fast paced digital environment which was focused on in the last point. Imagine your viewer is reaching for his phone to send a text or tweet. Now imagine what it is going to take to prevent him from doing this. That is the level of “convincing” that you have to take it to in your marketing videos.

    We are now in the internet age and digital marketing is here to stay. With an increasing number of consumers buying everything on line understanding what Acacia Ridge digital marketing marketing is and how is can help your business is vital.

    It is easy to create a video highlighting your product and its benefits using today’s digital technology. You don’t even need a camera and a video recorder. All this can be done with the computer right now.

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