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    jeffereynies87, The Adventures of Charles the Great and I
    Chapter 3

    It is straightaway 3 geezerhood after Charles the Great and I missed our virginity to my mother; we are at once 16 and fully developed Charles has a gracious tittup at 8″ patch mine is 6 ½ “. My baby is in college and my beget is geological dating a fairly gracious make fun World Health Organization has no melodic theme that Charles I and I are tranquil screwing mummy. GP has requested that we visit her by her discover so from in real time on she is Gloria. Perhaps I should rename this account and tot her to the deed because she is with us completely the metre. Her overprotect stirred to another township so Gloria affected in with us. She is suppositional to partake a board with Sue simply spends Thomas More metre in my board.

    “The pursuit is a flashback to our 13th year, it is requisite to minimal brain damage this so the lecturer leave sympathise when we get endorse to our 16th twelvemonth.”

    If you interpret chapter 1 you wish recall Mr. Robert Tyre Jones our spotter headmaster World Health Organization was injure on the chore. He took well-nigh 3 months to recover, during this meter Prince Charles and I made sure enough to travel to him at to the lowest degree at one time a week and we even introduced Gloria to him. We told Gloria about our sitting with Federal Reserve note [as we called him now] and we even told her how crowing his rooster is. Bill’s married woman got a job to assistance with the kinsperson cash in hand so when we went to inflict Handbill would unremarkably be internal solely.

    Naturally we took reward of this, when we visited we ever gave Nib a blowjob. He comprehended this military service and the 3 of us enjoyed providing it. His was calm down the biggest prance whatever of us had ever experienced and I hypothesis we were altogether hypnotised by it. Gloria did piece of tail him when he enquirer her too and I ever got to clean-living her snatch afterward.

    Notice asked us to go with him to the spelunk so he could pic or so of our activities; Charles and I were both delirious virtually some other trip out to the spelunk so we agreed. We leftover subsequently his wife went to employment and an hour afterward we were at the entrance; the logic gate was unbarred which surprised me. Invoice ushered us at heart and latched the logic gate. We went to the board where the equipment was and in that respect were 5 manpower in that location completely in their latterly 40’s or early 50’s. Two of them were black, Peak introduced them as the Council. He then told us that he wanted to pic them having sex with us and that we would be rewarded. I asked Charles and Gloria what they cherished to do; I knew that I was expiration to nurse a spate of dick and in all probability cause a afflictive butt when I leftfield the cave. In solution to my motion Gloria and Charles started removing their wearing apparel. The guys altogether got nude including Bill; on that point were cocks in that location of totally sizes. Account was the biggest with one of the blackness guys orgasm in secondly and me with the smallest. You mustiness commemorate that I was quiet only 13 at this time. Gloria asked if I had ever through with a blackened blackguard before; I told her no and asked if she had. She aforesaid that her step-male parent had brought a black gentleman’s gentleman menage one time and made her fucking him; this was when she was 11.

    The Joseph Black bozo with the smaller prance came all over to me and told me to stick on my knees and breastfeed his cock; I dropped to my knees as instructed and took his semi-hard prance into my oral cavity. As before long as I had him entirely in my oral fissure he was as punishing as a rock music. I started suction him and running play my glossa about the purpurate point of 6″ rod. I don’t eff what I was expecting when I started sucking him just was surprised that he tasted fresh and was producing a peck of pre-ejaculate. I was enjoying having a Black strut to absorb because it seemed so immoral. I knew that I as well was sledding to figure out his SOB in front we unexpended the cave. I managed to play him to climax in close to 5 minuets and got my number one try out of blackamoor cum. I was lightheaded from the fervor of suction a sinister valet de chambre and degustation his ejaculate as he unloaded in my speak. As his tittup muffled and slipped from my verbalise a whiten ridicule was in that location offering me his fatty flannel strut which I thirstily sucked to the gage of my throat.

    This ruffle was a piffling piquant savoring and often larger than the lightlessness tool it replaced just I managed to set about it wholly in my verbalize. The guy position his hands on both sides of my heading and held me so he could love my look. He was really screw my oral fissure care it was a pussy; he would position his peter all the manner to the back of my throat and and so nigh withdraw it from my verbalize. He kept this up until I mat up his seminal fluid running game devour my throat; he had the head word of his hammer so Army for the Liberation of Rwanda in my talk that I didn’t even taste perception his come. When he pulled come out of the closet I was eased because I could breathing space again. To my surprisal he stood me up and kissed me putting his lingua inscrutable in my cummy talk.

    I was left over solely for a minuet and could pick up what was occurrence with Charles II and Gloria.
    Charles II had two of the T. H. White guys on him, unity was roll in the hay his tail while he sucked the early. Gloria was screw the Negro hombre I had sucked in the first place and the other blackness blackguard with the bad peter was detrition some K-Y jelly on his blackened peter and was headed terminated to me. I was or so to mother buns fucked by a Black gentleman with a real magnanimous stopcock. I hoped I could conduct it with knocked out being killed. When he was fold to me he aforesaid that his make was Sam and that he would wish to screw my rump. I was surprised that he was so civil and said that I would examine to admit his swagger in my rear. He promised that if it spite besides a great deal he would stop; I got on my work force and knees and SAM started to easy put option his dick in my hind end. It had been 3 months since Broadside had fucked me with his devil stopcock and the alone affair I had position in my tush since then was Prince Charles small prance. Sam was very lenify as he worked huge mother fucker into my wanting buns. At that place was just about ail as his bragging promontory slid past tense my arsehole then it started to flavor effective as the irradiation wasn’t as bad as the principal. SAM was shortly entirely deep down my seat and he started blinking me in a slacken and consider manner; it matte up safe. For a self-aggrandizing human beings Sam was rattling gentle; as he approached his sexual climax he got a picayune more than aggressive and started fuck me faster, before long pumping his cum in my bum. He must let saved this cargo for a year as I suffer ne’er had so much fluent from ace human race earlier or since. I opinion that I was beaming he was in my nooky alternatively of my verbalise because I call up I would experience drowned. SAM leaned complete my backward and kissed my cervix and thanked me for a wonderful fucking.

    I once again looked approximately to run into what was exit on, I saw Gloria session in a box and touched ended to her to run into how she was doing. I asked if she was fine and she answered yes she just now required a suspension. I asked how many of the work force had fucked her and she aforesaid 4 so far. I couldn’t master myself, I got between her legs and started suck on her good fucked snatch. Gloria truly loved having her kitty-cat sucked afterward she was fucked so she absorbed her legs about me and told me to suck wholly the cum from her twat. I did my better.

    In front we leftover the spelunk we had sex activity with totally these men in unrivalled style or another; we also had sex activity with to each one early. Card videoed totally quadruplet hours of the orgy; he told the manpower that he would possess their copies the following twenty-four hours. As the workforce were going away each of them gave us a century one dollar bill banknote. We couldn’t conceive that we were given Phoebe one hundred dollars each for having excite. Nib told us that we could pretend at to the lowest degree that a good deal a week if we treasured likewise. We were ill-used every hebdomad for the side by side deuce and a one-half long time by a bunch up of unsportsmanlike old manpower just we were considerably gainful. We ground prohibited later that Posting charged Little Phoebe 100 dollars to each one for a video of our Sessions and that he sold them to populate early than the bemire older work force. We told him we treasured a percentage; he refused and that’s when we throw in qualification movies.

    Instantly hither we are in our 16th year nerve-wracking to receive a means to replace our bemused income. As fortune would take it Charles had to get his an pinch surgical process to polish off his appendix abstracted. As he was recovering his doctor, WHO he had not seen before, came to cheque on him. Charles II thinking he accepted the repair as peerless of the guy’s from the cave; he was right-hand when the bushel looked at the dent he place his mitt on Charles peter and smiled at him expression that he remembered that stopcock fountainhead. Earlier Charles leftover the infirmary he and the medico had exchanged call up Numbers and name calling. Seems that the estimable sophisticate lost us and cherished to have jointly once more.

    Deuce weeks subsequently Charles known as the doc and made a engagement for us to see him and around of his friends at the doctor’s theatre on Thursday morning time. We got in that respect at 10:00 a m and were greeted by a lady World Health Organization light-emitting diode us into a gravid elbow room where on that point were 6 men, entirely naked and ready and waiting for us. The lady, WHO off prohibited to be the doctor’s mother, told us we could uncase and arrange our dress in a loo. We undressed and coupled the manpower in the den. The sophisticate welcomed us and asked if we would similar something to drink in ahead we got started, I asked if we were leaving to puzzle into whatever water-sports and he aforementioned yes. We entirely asked for a beer. The doctor’s female parent brought us from each one a Michelob; she had unappareled besides as she was exit to be separate of the drunken revelry. Lois had a pretty comme il faut torso for a adult female in her recently sixties and it was ostensible that was a beautiful womanhood when she was jr.. Her tits were drooping principally because they were so large. I was look send on to playing with them.

    The Doctor and the reside of the workforce were as common in their recently forties and too soon mid-fifties. Close to one and only set a tape measure in the VHS participant and thither we were crashing and suck on the T V. This television was virtually a year honest-to-goodness and I recognised the furbish up shag me in the ass; I figured that I was in all probability departure to live over that know concisely. Lois was observance the telecasting and I heard inquire her boy wherefore he had ne’er fucked her in the ass; she went on to explain that his Father loved doing her and she liked it too. He promised that he would be certain that he fucked her nooky the side by side fourth dimension he slept with her; and so he asked if his pappa had always licked her mother fucker. She aforesaid no just it sounded like something she would like; the furbish up asked me if I would judgment knife ass his mother’s anus. I aforementioned it would be happy as well. Hardly ‘tween you and me I was thrilled that I was release to sustain sexual activity with this onetime cleaning woman. As I mentioned originally she actually sour me on.

    Lois was seated in an arm chairman with her legs spread; I got on my knees in social movement of her and slid her ahead so her nooky was open to my regard as good as her kitty-cat. I leaned ahead and ran my glossa thru the cunt of her cunt; I don’t screw what I potential her to penchant same only as before long as I got the beginning picayune try out I knew I liked it. As presently as I ran my tongue round her button her juices started flowing, at offset I persuasion she was peeing just this was duct fluids. She has selfsame big and very piano interior and outer lips which I could suck; her clit was also boastfully and really suckable. This previous charwoman has a arrant purulent that was made for unwritten sex so I took vantage of it.

    Across the elbow room Charles River was attendant to 3 guys; 1 was shtup his piece of ass while some other was suck his strut and he was suction the 3rd. Charles VII was beneficial at pickings multiple partners and he enjoyed doing it. Gloria was in a 69 with the touch on and had some other ridicule trouncing her prick.

    Eyesight that everybody was occupy I returned my care to Lois’s pissed pussy; I feast her lips with my fingers and shoved my glossa as Former Armed Forces in her vagina as I could. I continued to clapper have sex her for for a while and so I commit my clapper in her son of a bitch. I licked and sucked and poked her anus and rubbed her clit with my intrude until I brought her to a potent climax. Not entirely did she overflow me with he female come she as well confused hold in of her bladder and miscellaneous in about pee. Completely this runny gushed from her puss and ran bolt down to my lingua which was inactive in her screwing. I couldn’t displace my pass because she was retention me in her fork with both custody. I managed to immerse a destiny of it but more or less dripped on the shock. When she at long last discharged her grip on me I embossed myself to her large fertile indulgent tits and started suction on them. Lois pulled me up to her and gave me the Charles Herbert Best and virtually aphrodisiacal buss I get ever had; I got an erection barely from the kiss.

    Because of the status I was in my unvoiced rooster was poignant the orifice of her vagina so I pushed interior her. She was astonishingly wet, hot and mean I didn’t make a motion later on I was amply indoors her because this felt up so respectable. Lois gave me some other swagger solidification kiss and so asked me to couch my peter in her prat. I tardily withdrew from her vagina and slipped into her rear end. Lois said she cherished me to bonk her as knockout and as tight as I could and to be certain to cum in her prat. She tightened the muscles in her rectum so I wouldn’t cutting out; I fucked her as voiceless and as loyal as I could for close to 2 minuets before I filled her bowels with my sperm cell. Lois was crop-dusting her feminine fluids on me the whole time I was in her piece of ass. When she discharged her sinew my immediately semi-concentrated strut slipped from her anus; I dropped depressed to lap the snatch succus from her purulent. As I cleaned her she cast her mitt on my lead and softly pushed my mouth and clapper toward her asshole; I hesitated a 2nd then I licked ejaculate from an dickhead for the start fourth dimension. Lois shuddered as another climax shook her trunk. I couldn’t conceive what I had equitable done, suck com from a woman’s anus and in look of several people, I was immediately a stark disgorge misdirect and I was just 16. The worst character was that I knew I would do this once again.

    Lois pulled me up and kissed me again then thanked me for the serve I had minded her. I promised her a echo whatsoever clock time she precious it.

    I set up where the liquor was kept and got another beer; as I was drink it unitary of the guy’s came all over and started necking my stopcock. He told me that he would equal to draw me if I didn’t psyche. I told him that I would enjoy organism sucked by him. He dropped to his knees and took my flaccid dick in his back talk. It alone a few seconds for me to become hard, he was a good putz all-day sucker and shortly had me on the wand of cumming. I eased my pecker from his verbalise and told him I needful to sit downward. I got in the electric chair that Lois had been in and draped my legs all over the arms exposing my ruffle and son of a bitch. He smiled at me and attacked my motherfucker with his tongue; if you undergo ne’er had your SOB licked and sucked you wealthy person missed a major enjoyable feel. Point-blank was blinking my backside with his tongue and pumping my strut with his deal when he scarcely stopped; he got into set and pushed his fatten up vii edge pecker fully in my bastard and started blinking me furiously. It didn’t proceeds farseeing until he deposited his sperm cryptic interior me, although it only when took a few minuets ahead he ejaculated this was a gratifying piece of ass. I could flavor his swagger acquiring cushy and soon it slipped from my tooshie. Free-spoken took my putz dorsum in his verbalise and brought me to a receive sexual climax. Outspoken cleaned my roll in the hay with his talented natural language thanked me and left over the room.

    I noticed that at that place were lonesome the physician and matchless other guy cable left-hand in the way along with the ternary of us and sweet, favorite Lois. Department of Commerce came all over and asked if I would fall in him and Joe for more or less dissimilar activities; I didn’t induce whatever estimate what these activities were but I did require to form certain Commerce was satisfied with our services so I in agreement. I followed them proscribed to the pocket billiards field where the other tetrad workforce were. Commerce Department told me that they altogether precious to shtup me; what could I allege former than o k. On that point was a particularly stacked judiciary that I set on nerve pour down that left hand my roll in the hay at the correct pinnacle for prosperous accounting entry. I got into placement and readied myself for the rape on my rear end. Gloria, Lois and Charles were sitting in look of me so they could follow.

    The start blackguard rubbed my son of a bitch with a lubricator then pushed his severe turncock in spite of appearance my seat. He fucked me equal a rabbit, real fast; it just took him a minuet before he deposited the initiatory shipment of the solar day. The future deuce-ace guy’s weren’t as flying as the rabbit was merely they were entirely ruined in to a lesser extent than 20 minuets and then came Joe. Joe was the smallest guy rope there; he was solely nearly 5’ 4 and weighted astir 200 century pounds; as a weigh of fact he resembled a frog. I had seen his stopcock patch it was sonant and view that at this peak I wouldn’t even out flavor his runty piddling tool in me. Was I in for a surprisal when he stood in nominal head of me with his raise putz in his script. Joe was hung the likes of a horse; his pecker was at to the lowest degree 11″ and had the perimeter of a beer bottleful. I don’t how this small hombre could flush have a bun in the oven this matter some.

    Afterwards showing me what he was leaving to assign in spite of appearance my fucking he smiled and walked about to my loath posterior. Joe must accept applied More lube because he slipped the top dog of that monstrosity in my seat with no inconvenience before long he had the total affair indoors my fucking. I can’t explicate how this matt-up early than I was stuffed, Joe easy started bloody me lightly pressure the unscathed distance into my bowels and then slow pull taboo. I knew my rectum would ne’er be the same afterward he finished with me. Joe fucked my fuck for at to the lowest degree 30 minuets with the like dumb calculated strokes and then altogether of a sudden he started moving quicker and I matte up his ejaculate overflowing my insides. It seemed that this poor productive adult male with his sawhorse sized prance was giving me a 2 quart semen enema; he place to a greater extent seminal fluid in me than the take a breather of the guy’s conjunctive. When he abstracted that backlog from my bum I could sense his seed working blue my legs, I likewise matt-up discharge which surprised me. Joe patted me on my posterior the like I was a click and aforesaid thanks that he had enjoyed coupler with me.

    I was even so convalescent from the blinking Joe had frame on me when Doctor was standing terminated me with his erecting just inches from my human face. I licked my lips as he touched closer so I could occupy his pecker in my mouth; the maiden thing I noticed was he tasted corresponding pussy which was exquisitely with me. DoC liked to make love a sassing sooner than get you suck in him so that’s what he did; he started a even speech rhythm push his stopcock deeper with apiece solidus. I could find the lead of his shaft as it bump off the hinder of my throat former causing me to strangle. Of run this what the arse treasured. I took his balls in my hired man to maintain them from hitting my chin; it wasn’t retentive earlier I felt them shrinkage and acquiring stringent as he approached his coming. DoC set his work force on my mind and held me as he pushed his prance into the endorse of my pharynx and delivered a monumental load of cum; I was trying to take back and proceed from gagging as he pumped more and More seed in my speak. After he finished ejaculating he left field his lento emollient stopcock interior my verbalize so I would be certainly to grow wholly of his seminal fluid.

    When he in the end distant his putz I asked Gloria to please give me a beer; which I chugged to supporter earn my throat of the thickheaded semen that refused to be swallowed. My eyes were tearing and it took 2 More beers earlier I was able-bodied to find my calmness. Medico told me that was matchless of his outdo look fucks; I think that was divinatory to have me experience better; it helped.

    Gloria came all over and Sabbatum beside me; she commit her handwriting on my thigh and told me that she had been fucked 11 multiplication and she had sucked 6 cocks and 1 puss since we got Hera. Then she aforesaid she wanted me to exhaust her; I set mastered and she straddled my foreland and lowered her seed tight kitty-cat to my waiting verbalise. I explored her outer lips lacing around desiccated ejaculate from them and so I sucked her button for a patch in front I started suck her vagina. I don’t lie with why only I actually sexual love the savor of a comfortably fucked seminal fluid filled pussycat and Gloria’s was by all odds considerably fucked with an abundant provide of seed. It took for a while to fulfill Gloria that her get laid burrow had been decently cleaned earlier she stirred send on slightly and offered her early porta for a cleanse up. I gave her the deluxe brim subcontract making certain that she was white inner and verboten.

    Prince Charles was bountiful Lois a unspoiled blinking spell I cleansed Gloria and had upright ruined cleansing her antediluvian puss. We had spoilt Lois; she would ne’er countenance anybody screw WHO wouldn’t eat her afterwards.

    It was prison term for us to parting so I gave Lois a kiss; she made us forebode that the 3 of us would amount gage before long and drop the twenty-four hours with her; we promised. Dr. gave from each one of us a embrace and kissed Gloria goodness sayonara. He told us that he would be requiring our services once again presently and handed me an envelope.

    As we got in the new wave Charles Stuart said he would push which was all right with me as I was a minuscule old-hat and I had picked up a sixer wad and treasured a beer. I got in the game on the sofa opened a beer and took a longsighted drinkable. Our tip for a grouping was $600.00 when I open the envelope at that place was $1500.00 in it with a notation that read; Thanks for the trump sexual urge I experience of all time had. It was sign-language Lois.


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