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    So my mother-in-law finally got her three correct answers. You would think that she’d whip out a contract and have Mrs. Moore sign on the dotted line. However, she did nothing of the kind.

    In 1987, the Supreme Court ruled that investors can be required to waive their right to sue in court in order to open a brokerage account. Now all grievances with a brokerage firm must first go through arbitration.

    Judges do the best they can, under the circumstances, to achieve equity and fairness. They try to give every litigant fair consideration, but they can go only so far. In the final analysis, the judges must follow the law as it is and not as it (so often) should be.

    Consideration. Something of value, in fancy terms called “consideration,” has to pass between the parties to make a contract valid. Now, what that thing of value is can often be very subjective. This is one of the most highly litigated areas in contract law.

    Typically, disputes over financial issues begin when one of the parties perceives that the other’s settlement position is unreasonable. The real trouble starts when we discover that we are unable to get through to our partner.

    It would prove to be disastrous if are unable to select proper legal representative. The experienced agencies are authentic and legal as they are in the industry for long period of time. The creditors provide you loans in order to meet your expenses and it is your responsibility to compensate back that amount within a fixed period of time. The clients would not be able to make payment as the amount is too high. Then the lenders start harassing and threaten the customers. They also threaten for litigation. The non payers have no other option rather than to seek legal help.

    She pays no direct taxes any more. She drives an unlicensed car and has even learned how to access a secret account the Government creates for every citizen, to pay for certain things. She does all this lawfully and with the tacit consent of her Government.

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