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    <br> How to achieve success in bed? <br><br> Many men ask themselves (not out loud but in their head) how could they satisfy women even better as they currently do.
    Mostly they think it is related to size of their penis, their stamina, the looks of their body, etc. But most of these are just myth or not as relevant as many believe them to be. <br><br> True, size does matter – but not as much as many think it does! <br><br> It's obviously good if you have great stamina but this isn't really the most important factor when in between the sheets either.

    <br><br> So what is it then??? <br><br> Being good in bed and making women to achieve great orgasms is a combination of mastering various sex fields! <br><br> 99% of Men VS 1% of Men <br><br> Sex is a learning process.
    And actually it is fair to say no one ever knows everything about sex. But some know plenty and other know less or nothing about it. But until you are ready to admit that you could know more you will probably fit in the “less or nothing” group of sexually educated people.

    <br><br> Now lets take a look at how 99% of men see the sex timeline: <br> Go to bed and start kissing (as short as possible) Do a little foreplay by fingering and licking (or maybe skip this) Have sexual intercourse (every time the same boring positions in the same boring place usually in bed at home) Cum (man) The end <br> There are also tons of things that could go wrong – are you a bad kisser?

    Do you know how to play women with fingers? Can you use tongue or does it seem gross to you? Can't you last long enough in bed and you cum premature after 1 min or so? Well.. any of these is fatal for a good sex! <br><br> On the other hand lets take a look at how 1% of men see their sex timeline: <br> Before she goes to work they give her a little slap on the ass and french kiss her though they usually don't do that every time she leaves to work – that's how the women sexual subconscious gets activated early in the morning They call her during the day and maybe talk to her a little dirty and/or romantic – depends on what she likes more. When they are both home again from work men offers to give her a massage or some similar nice gesture. Then he just happens to have borrowed a movie that she is craving to see for some time now or is her favorite of all times. During that movie he is caressing her. When movie ends he asks: “I'm a bit hungry would you be in the mood for something maybe” and goes to kitchen and prepares a nice dinner for both..

    He also just happens to have a new bottle of wine she likes. And after dinner they START KISSING (now we are at 1st step of 99% of men) – Can you see how this 1% guy prepared everything throughout the whole day? This is much more important than 1 inch length if you ask me or any women for that fact. During kissing he will take her and his clothes of without her even noticing that and he will watch for her reactions when the foreplay should stop – since it shouldn't be to short or to long either – it's all about noticing her reactions. This guy won't use same positions over and over again – he will try to be versatile and he will try to get even the most conservative women to try new things at new places – and this is how he will keep sex interesting and fun. And he will be escalating rhythm right until she cums and that is also when he will cum just a few seconds after her or in the same moment as she does. The end <br> Here we can see just one example of what really matters while sex god blueprint talks about much much more.

    The art of sex is a field which should get more attention but is doesn't because human kind is somewhat deterred from sexual topics. <br><br> Final thoughts about the Sex area <br><br> Should kids in schools be learning more about sex?
    <br><br> Should porn be available on national TV's during the day and night? <br><br> Should there be more scientific programs that would teach about sex and human body – men and women. <br><br> These are the questions that future generations will be dealing with!

    <br><br> What I believe is that the world is currently to conservative about sex and all related topics that concern sex. And that maybe it would be better for everyone to know more about this field and that media would have greater freedom of playing and showing sexually related films, documentaries, etc..
    to public. <br>

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