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    1 Nov 2012 RigMesh: automatic rigging for part-based shape modeling and deformation, Published by ACM 2012 Article. Bibliometrics Data .. We introduce a new type of multi-resolution image pyramid for high-resolution images called sparse pdf maps (sPDF-maps). Each pyramid level consists of a sparse encoding
    Teddy [Igarashi et al. 99]. • ShapeShop [Schmidt et al. 05]. • FiberMesh [Nealen et al. 07]. • SurfaceTrees [Schmidt and Singh 08]. Page 20. Automatic Rigging. Page 21. Automatic Rigging. • Skeleton extraction. [Sharf et al. 07] [Pan et al. 09] [Ju et al. 11]. Page 22. Automatic Rigging. • Skeleton extraction. [Sharf et al. 07] [Pan
    https://hal.inria.fr/hal-?00861503/file/guaycanironfard.pdf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgrQuBwlbSE. Oztireli Borosan, Peter, Ming Jin, Doug DeCarlo, Yotam Gingold, and Andrew Nealen. “Rigmesh: automatic rigging for part-?based shape modeling and deformation.” ACM Transactions on. Graphics (TOG) 31, no.
    RigMesh. RigMesh: Automatic Rigging for Part-Based Shape Modeling and Deformation. Peter Borosan, Ming Jin, Doug DeCarlo, Yotam Gingold, Andrew Nealen · ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 31(6):198:1–198:9. Also in Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia 2012. Paper: PDF (21 MB) | PDF (4 MB). Presentation
    Paper: PDF (SIGGRAPH 2007) Video: AVI (DivX 6, 76MB, with sound) Supplement: PDF Code: Our C++ source and a Windows binary can be found here. Introduction. Animating an articulated 3D character currently requires manual rigging to specify its internal skeletal structure and to define how the input motion deforms
    skeleton along with skin weights identifying the surface with bones of the skeleton. Keywords: rigging, skeletonization, skinning, animation, sketch- based modeling. Links: DL. PDF. ?e-mail: pborosan@cs.rutgers.edu. †e-mail: mjin@cs.rutgers.edu. Peter Borosan and Ming Jin contributed equally to this work and are placed.

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