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    1 day agoABS CBN is one of the most famous TV networks in the Philippines, they broadcast different shows and dramas that Filipinos have come to love over the past years. They have promising actors and actresses, they even have shows that are acknowledged by other countries. They have TV series such as “Pangako sa’yo”, known as “The Promise” internationally, that has been aired in more than 10 countries. The network can also be watched all over the world by OFWs, ABS CBN has helped them in overcoming their homesickness. In the event you loved this short article and you would like to receive more info with regards to OFW assure visit the web page. But the recent ABS CBN shutdown has brought sorrow and tears to their Kapamilya fans.

    ABS CBN’s franchise renewal expired and was not approved as the government focused more on the problem at hand, the pandemic. The network was forced to shut down and their renewal was rejected after a few hearings, they were accused as biased and therefore wasn’t approved for their franchise renewal. President Duterte have said that he would not allow the network to operate not unless the owners of the said network pays their taxes. The last broadcast of the network, which is their news program TV Patrol, has brought tears to their audience as their news reporter mentioned at the end of the program that they are now signing off.

    People have loved this network for so long, the actors and actresses, their programs and shows, and their famous love teams are what people were always looking forward to every day. Their shutdown has brought a lot of different opinions and views toward the network. Some agreed that the network is indeed biased while some believed that the network is only broadcasting the truth to the public.

    The shutdown of the network was also said to have left almost 11,000 employees of the network without a job as they needed to fire people due to their shutdown. Some of the public citizens have appealed to not continue their shutdown as the unemployment rate of the country would further increase, plus the country is in the middle of a pandemic therefore could render those employees to starvation.

    Nevertheless, the true and avid Kapamilya fans of ABS CBN still stands with them and believe that the network will soon have their justice. And indeed, after their shutdown in May 2020, the ABS CBN announced in October 2020 that their shows will be back on television via the A2Z channel.

    The network has since then aired their shows back on TV and introduced some new programs and series as well. Their noontime show, It’s Showtime, also had new segments that made their audience delighted. It’s as if this is the network’s way of giving back to their kapamilya fans that stick with them through their lowest and now that they are back to their broadcasting, they are also back to providing only the best shows that their viewers have been looking forward to watch.

    6 hours agoIn conclusion, their temporary absence from the television has made their viewers love and more eager to watch their shows. This only proves that when people love something, they stick with it no matter what happens. They believe in it and continues to hold on to it.

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