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    CSEF’s are a family of ferritic steels whose creep stength is enhanced by the creation of a precise condition of microstructure, specifically martensite or bainite, which is stabilized during tempering by controlled precipitation of temper-resistant carbides, carbo-nitrides, or other stable phases. i.e., unlike other CrMo’s,.
    27 Oct 2006 treatment temperature range are identical and the heat treatment of the field welds will be recorded on the same strip chart. 2.0. The PWHT Instruction Sheet shall be completed as follows: 2.1. Field Weld Number and System/Line Number – List the field weld number and system / line number to be post weld.
    P.W.H.T DESCRIPTION. Starting Temp.(°C). Minimum Holding Temp.(°C). Maximum Holding Temp.(°C). Heating Rate (°C/hr). Holding Time (min). Cooling Rate (°C/hr). P.W.H.T CHART. Attach Original P.W.H.T Chart. Result : Accept. Reject. Quality Control Form.
    Services for carrying out post weld heat treatment components in accordance with client or code requirements. 3. o PWHT when required shall be done before hydrostatic tests and after any weld repair. o For specific number, o 1 A heat chart shall be generated for every Heat Treatment load. o Only currently calibrated
    Temperature Chart Recorder. Stock Reference: 40006. The 12 point Chino Temperature. Recorder has been chosen by. Mannings as the standard recording instrument for on-site pre and post weld heat treatment. Each recorder is contained within a rugged steel case to minimise wear and tear, with rear mounted.
    4 All PWHT chart records shall be submitted to Welding Engineer for review and approval. 2 References 2. 4 Heating System 4.2 Prior to the start of PWHT. PQR).1 The Specification of PWHT Furnace as follows Furance type : Transport loading type (W(6) X H(7. the component is free to expand and contract and suitable and

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