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    Tuzar Skipper couldn’t possibly have done more to prove he deserves not only a spot on the 53 but playing time behind Watt and Dupree. Tonight, he debuted on STs and immediately looked like he was the team’s best coverage player. I understand that Chickillo got a new contract and you’d have to eat it if you cut him, but I’d at least think about IR-ing (designated to return) Chickillo and letting Skipper be the new Chickillo.

    Two guys I’m rooting for, Devlin Hodges and Diontae Spencer… neither got a fair shake. The OL play in front of Hodges was abysmal, Benny Snell is not going to put you in makeable 3rd downs, and his WRs dropped balls. Spencer saw everyone else get return opportunities on a night where he pretty much needed to break a big return or two. Spencer did have a nice route and grab on 3rd and long, which makes one more 3rd and long conversion this preseason than Switzer had.

    The big night for Holton definitely puts him in play. Call me a contrarian, but I’d be perfectly fine going into the season with Holton and Spencer as the #5 and #6 WRs. I’d rather see Diontae Johnson get slot action behind JuJu than waste any more snaps on Switzer. Rogers hasn’t looked like a guy who wants to earn a job, but rather like one who thinks he has one locked up. We shall see.

    Speaking of wasted snaps, I could never see another Tyler Matakevich defensive snap and be perfectly fine with it. Much like the overexposed preseasons of Landry Jones, we’ve seen all we need to see of Matakevich and he’s not going to get any better.

    In general, this preseason has been terrific for the Steelers. I feel generally optimistic about where the team is heading into week 1… but tonight was not its best personnel nor effort.

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    B2B! I’ve found you! Good recap. Skipper has to make it, and I think you finally put Rogers down and roll with Holton.

    Our LB depth is insane, and Dirty Red needs not be a part of it. He needs to go.

    This isn’t the season Tomlin can play favorites. You roll with talent and talent alone. Dobbs needs to go. Rogers needs to go. Matakevich needs to go.

    Good to hear from you brother!

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    Chipped ham sandwich

    What’s going on with Steeler Fury!!

    We need it!!

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    Wil Masisak

    SteelerFury isn’t going to get back up at least until Fury can be located. He’s been AWOL for a while. I’ve been trying to reach him for weeks.

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    Looking forward to the cuts and seeing some surprises with a group of young, speedy and hungry athletes looking to contribute where ever they can.

    Preparing to be let down but will keep holding hope until i read the 53.

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    In search of STD

    So we may be experiencing technical problems for a while then?

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      Yes, it looks that way

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    Guys I absolutely do not want to risk losing, aside from the obvious ones:
    Kam Kelly
    Zach Banner

    Guys I would like to keep around:
    Christian Kuntz
    Devlin Hodges
    Brandon Reilly
    Tevin Jones
    Zach Gentry
    Fred Johnson
    Derwin Gray
    Jayrone Elliott

    Guys who will probably make the roster and I actively do not want:
    Anthony Chickillo
    Tyler Matakevich
    Benny Snell
    Josh Dobbs

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    Hey fellas.

    Hodges got railroaded. Didn’t get a chance at all to showcase his skills behind a crappy o line and no real skill players. I hate to say this, but I think he’s a goner.

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      Professor Half-Wit

      Hey B2B, thanks for putting up tents for the displaced families. Been missing you at Fury! Hope you have been busy as opposed to disgusted. 😉

      Agree aout Hodges C-10. We know what we have in Dobbs. His development is going to be minimal at this point. Should the Steelers not keep Hodges, I don’t get not keeping Hodges to see whether he can develop into something.

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          Professor Half-Wit

          “August 30, 2019 at 6:17 pm #35751REPLY

          The word is out on Tuzar Shakur. If he don’t make it he ain’t going to clear waivers. How they handle Skipper vs. Chickillo and Matakevich will show me a lot about whether Mikey T. has learned anything. Do not let this guy go somewhere else.”

          I’m inclined to agree, but every team has a guy its fans feel the same way about and most clear waivers. Still: same story, different player. You know what you have in Dirty Red. Yes, the guy is a beast on teams, but the ceiling is low on the guy. Hope Skipper makes the cut. Really do.

          LOL, Tuzar Shakur and Bennie Smalls.

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        Edmunds sucks. Benny Snell is a beast on teams. Beast. He will be far and away better as a RB this year and certainly by yr 2 than Edmunds will ever be.

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    What? You don’t like bennie snell football?

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      Look at it this way: Kenneth Dixon is supposedly on the bubble in Baltimore. Who wouldn’t rather have Dixon on the roster? Snell did play well on STs, but arguably not even as well as Edmunds.

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    Professor half-wit? I like it.
    Snell is a rookie. I’m guessing he’ll get better. Dixon is two years in. But it would be funny if the steelers picked him up. It’d be the second dixon trade between those teams.

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    The word is out on Tuzar Shakur. If he don’t make it he ain’t going to clear waivers. How they handle Skipper vs. Chickillo and Matakevich will show me a lot about whether Mikey T. has learned anything. Do not let this guy go somewhere else.

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    I’m a fan of Johnny Holton, he needs to be the 6th WR

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    Keep Holton and Skipper; cut Rogers and Matakevich.

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    41 spots on this team are locked down. Here’s what it comes down to for the remaining position battles:
    Dobbs vs. Hodges at QB
    Snell vs. Edmunds at RB
    Switzer/Rogers/Spencer/Holton at WR (pick 2)
    Dangerfield/Allen/Kelly at S (pick 2)

    They’re not keeping more than 3 RB, 4 safeties, or 6 WR

    That gives you 47 roster spots with 6 to go, so you need to cut one of the following:
    – Zach Gentry
    – Fred Johnson
    – Skipper
    – Ola
    – Chickillo
    – Gilbert
    – Matakevich

    If it were me, Matakevich is the obvious cut here…but who knows.

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    Agreed Pabst. I think Mata goes.

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      I like that, Pabst: “Oli Maatakevich”

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    @pabst. Ola on injured reserve allows for one less cut, or takes him off that list. IOW, they can keep one “extra” player, yes? Then decide later in the season as things go, injuries, etc.

    Agree with everything else. I’d go with holton and spencer. Although I think BR likes switzer. Should be interesting how this ends up.

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    @Cor-ten yeah, they could IR Ola, but then he can’t play til week 9 or 10. I guess if he won’t be ready for a while anyway then that makes sense.

    They could also go the route of keeping only 5 WR, 8 OL, or 3 safeties.

    Unlike most of the board, I see only a dimes worth of difference between every WR beyond the top 3

    Bottom line is that I’ll be livid if they keep Matakevich over Gilbert or Skipper

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    I see the ceiling for spencer a lot higher than switzer. Unfortunately, the steelers have held onto rogers for three seasons, through an injury, and why would BR take switzer on a boat ride if he didn’t think he’d be hanging around?

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    Hey thanks B2B for the hangout for the displaced SF refugees. Who do I complain to regarding the conditions? (kidding, KIDDING). Actually finding myself getting geeked for the approaching season-opener 😮

    Anyway good to see you knuckleheads again — hope all is well w/Fury (wasn’t too alarmed he wasn’t starting the preseason game threads as he didn’t last year either …)

    BTW nice nod to Swiss there with the new/temp moniker, Prof 🙂 … Wonder if his Commodore 486 computer will be able to adequately search the worldwideweb for this new location?

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    re: Switzer on the boat ride… I think Spencer was on there, too.

    re: Ola to IR… I think they’ll be reluctant to do that if he is (as was reported) nearly ready to return. Original diagnosis was 2-4 weeks, and we’re already 2 weeks in. Also, IR to return players have to be on 53 man roster at cutdown, then placed on IR to open a spot. That means you can’t use it for an extra roter spot to keep someone from being exposed to waivers. I have no problem letting Snell, Gentry, Matakevich, or even Fred Johnson pass through waivers. I am reluctant to expose Spillane or Tevin Jones but they probably won’t move the meter for another team. No way do I want to expose Gilbert, Skipper, Banner, Kelly, or Spencer.

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    and the narrative that Oli Maatakevich is a “beast on teams” is a joke. He is STs willing and capable but not a standout player, especially this year.

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      I agree about Hodges getting the short end of the stick.Tells me that either Tomlin had his mind made up about keeping Dobbs or they think they can sneak him on to the PS.
      If Hodges is cut he ain’t going to be a Steeler.

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    No way do I want to expose Gilbert, Skipper, Banner, Kelly, or Spencer.

    totally agree

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    and the narrative that Oli Maatakevich is a “beast on teams” is a joke. He is STs willing and capable but not a standout player, especially this year.


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    Thank you for doing this while the site is down.

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    I don;’t know about a “beast” but Snell gave good effort and flashed a little on STs.

    Holton, Tevin Jones, Samuels, Nix, Skipper, Scales… those guys were really good on teams this preseason.

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