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    This real question is the same in principle as asking just how much does food cost in the market? Are usually skittles lastly steak – all have very different prices. It will be the same with radio advertising campaigns. There are many factors that play into an effective radio marketing. Buy your late and a lot of things position. The on-air schedule you get is mostly outside of prime point in time. Spot rates can go raise. And some clients even get bumped for higher paying clients.

    (don’t say I told you so). So the amount will this “real-estate” final price. Stations base their rates on your commitment these people (meaning the gap of the campaign) along with the amount persons their station reaches that fall in the target demographic of clients. The real question you are most likely asking is – “Can I afford radio advertising.” Along with the answer straightforward – It’s simple to afford promoting on radio stations.

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