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    Theirs (mine)

    OFFENSE 25 (24)
    3 QB Ben, Rudolph, Dobbs
    (I’d trade Dobbs before Monday… give him a fresh start somewhere and open a spot for the QB with more upside)
    3 RB Conner, Samuels, Snell
    (I’d strongly consider signing a street RB to replace Snell, but if not I’m okay with keeping Snell strictly for STs, where he was pretty good this offseason.
    1 FB Nix
    6 WR Juju, Washington, Moncrief, Johnson, Switzer, Holton
    (I would shitcan Rogers and Switzer and carry Holton, Spencer, & Tevin Jones––all of whom were terrific on STs this preseason)
    3 TE Mcdonald, Grimble, Gantry
    (I would go with 7 WRs and 2 TEs. Use Rosie, Samuels, JuJu and an OT for 3 TE plays, bring Gentry up from practice squad if you need him because of injury
    9 OL AV, Foeter, Pouncey, Decastro, Feiler, Banner, Finney, Chuks, Johnson
    (I like the potential of Johnson, but I think he’d be fine stashed on the practice squad)

    DEFENSE 25 (26)
    DL 6
    Heyward, Gravedigger, Tuitt, McCullers, Alualu, Buggs
    (agreed, although I hope Mondeaux can make it to practice squad)
    5 ILB
    Bush, Barron, Williams, Gilbert, Matakevich
    (Matakevich is an easy cut for me. Gilbert is much more ready to compete on scrimmage downs, and looked much more impressive on STs as well. Spillane would also be in the mix for me, for the same reasons)
    5 EDGE
    Watt, Dupree, Adeniyi, Chickillo, Skipper
    (I would cut or IR Chickillo and go with the 4 best guys. Ola & Skipper coming in as the 2nd wave would be impressive as hell)
    9 DB
    Haden, Nelson, Hilton, Sutton, Burns, Davis, Edmunds, Kelly, Dangerfield
    (I’m inclined to agree, although I could cut Matakevich and/or Chickillo in a heartbeat in favor of Spillane or Marcus Allen or Taevin Jones, all of whom were terrific on STs this preseason.)

    3 ST Specialsts
    K Boswell
    P Berry (this was a pretty close call but I think Berry showed well enough and is a superior holder)
    LS This is also a tough call. I suspect Canaday will either be the choice but you can make an argument that Kuntz would be a little more valuable elsewhere on STs.)

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    Hey….just saw this i will delete my post and post here ….sorry

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      Here are mine:

      3 QB – Ben Rudi Dobbs
      Im fine with this. Hodges needs work. Not NFL ready. Dobbs has played in real games and done passably well at times. Decent chance Hodges will land on the PS. If he is smart he will stay in Pittsburgh on the PS. Dobbs is a UFA in 21. That would likely mean a pretty safe roster spot in 2 years for Hodges if he stays here and suffers the great tragedy of practice squad pay at over $150,000 per year including training camp/etc

      4 RB – Connor Samuels Snell Nix
      No real reason to consider others on the 53. I would bet Edmunds gets a spot on the PS

      3 TE – McD X Gentry
      No real reason to consider others on the 53. CSW gets a free international PS spot and I hope Wood gets a spot with an eye towards both X’s TE and Canaday’s LS next year when both are UFA’s

      6 WR – JuJu Washington Moncrief DJ Spencer Holton
      Both Spencer and Holton are clearly better than Switzer but I fully expect Switzer’s ice cream truck to have a parking spot at Heinz unfortunately. I will be upset if the Steelers only keep 5 WR. In a passing league that is the last damn position you want to have to coach someone up in a hurry at the end of a season. I hope either Holton or Spencer sticks on the PS. The main thing I dislike about Switzer is even he knows he sucks and is a giant ass kiss because of it.

      9 OL – V Foster MP DD Feiler Finney Okorafor Gray Banner
      I think Gray and Johnson are probably battling for the last spot here. I think either will stick on the PS. Id like to see at least 2 OL on the PS

      6 DL – Cam Jav Tuitt Alualu McC Buggs
      I hope they PS another DL or 2

      4 ILB – VW Bush Barron Gilbert
      I dont wanna see Red anywhere on this roster. The Steelers have some decent talent here including Elliot Spillane and Scales. Unfortunately I think Red is guaranteed a spot. Hopefully some of those other guys stick and Red gets booted as a UFA in 2020. I have a bad feeling the Steelers might not even keep Gilbert in favor of Red.

      5 OLB – DuP TJ Ola Chick Skipper
      I bet Ola is temporary IR listed which IIRC ?? would open a roster spot here. Skipper better make this roster. Smith I think they try to stash on the PS although I would cut Chickillo and not look back in favor of Smith. we are likely stuck with Chickillo until he is a UFA in 2021.

      3 SS – Edmunds Danger Locke
      3 FS – Davis MAllen Kelly
      I dont think Locke has a spot but Layne’s injury might buy him some time.

      5 CB Haden Nelson Hilton Burns Layne

      Thats 26 on defense with 5 CB’s. Who gets cut ?? I wish it was Dangerfield but I bet its Locke, who I think will stick on the PS hopefully along with another S

      ST = Boz Berry Canady

      1) QB Hodges
      2) RB Edmunds
      3) WR Holton/Spencer
      4) OL Johnson/Gray
      5) OL Morris
      6) DL Mondeaux
      7) ILB Elliot/Spillane
      8) OLB Smith
      9) S Locke
      10) DL/S

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        I don’t think they’ll practice squad a QB unless they keep only 2 active. Not enough reps to go around, even on Wednesdays. 3rd QB typically runs the opponent offense. I’d keep Hodges around just to have him play Baker Mayfield––he’s a perfect match.

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    I don’t think they’ll practice squad a QB unless they keep only 2 active. Not enough reps to go around, even on Wednesdays. 3rd QB typically runs the opponent offense. I’d keep Hodges around just to have him play Baker Mayfield––he’s a perfect match.

    Thats a good point. I hope he does land on the PS tho. To me he has 3rd QB potential and seems like a solid teammate.

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