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I truly hear what you are saying. You are talking about another formula for victory. Switzer is not the Big Ben of returning. I know there is a Ben Roethlisberger of returns out there too, and when we see that person we will all collectively say ahhhh, that’s how Special Teams returns should look!

If that 10% improvement in scoring odds is to be believed for every 10 yards of improved field position you are 100% correct in what you argue.

I find it telling that a 30 and 31 year old are in the top 5 for returns in both the kicking and punt returns. This leads me to believe it is more return scheme than talent.

Switzer is number 8 in punt returns and number 9 in Kick returns in terms of total yards.

What is wrong with that after being traded from Dallas to Oakland to Pittsburgh and not having a full training camp?

All 3 columns of return data (yards, returns and avg yards/return) can be twisted to tell a story about the returners.

The leading punt returner in yards had the most punt returns.

In punt returns the highest yards per return avg is highly correlated with age; 30 year old is number 1 and 31 year old is number 2, but they had 7 and 10 less punt returns than Switzer.

Fair Catches during punts, Switz was number 3 in the league. You have to go down the list to find average yards per return leaders. After watching Switz for a solid season, I am certain his fair catches are nothing more than Special Teams process. Switz can execute the hell out of catches, so all they have to do his tweak his fair catch halo if they want more returns and want him to move up in the stats. And we don’t know what is being asked of him either.

The more I study the stats, the more I am convinced Switz is an excellent punt return man; kick returning should be solely focused on getting a touch back. I bet you all will be eating your words on punt returns this year.

All purpose yards? That is another story, but I would not be surprised if Switz turns that around too.

Switz Punt Returns Data:
#2 in number of punt returns.
#3 in number of fair catches.
#9 in punt return yards.
#13 in average yards per return.
23 yards was his longest return.

“Yards per return” leaders had a 78 (#1) and 99 (#2) yard return for their longs.

If Switz breaks 1 punt return last year, he monopolizes the stats in every category, and would be considered one of the best no matter how you slice the numbers. Is that skill, talent or luck?

You would be crazy not to roll the dice on Switzer this year!

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