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3 !!!!! HUGE WTF ARE THEY DOING ON THE ROSTER TYPES like Red Shitzer and Chickillo …..WILL….. cost us games. Minus the kicker/punter…..those 3 slaggards are 30% of your ST units. Think about that. Not good. Particularly given we had much better options.

This kinda BS goes beyond Tomlin/Cowher. Happens EVERY year. For decades.

They won’t lose us any games. You can’t go exchanging every prospect every year. Too much day trading philosophy in your quote. Sometimes you have to play the long game. You will have busts, but more times than not you will develop professional football players that know your system inside and out and can contribute, lead, teach and help coach the new talent on the field.

Again, we can win the Super Bowl with this roster. I am not saying we will, but it won’t be a roster devoid of talent that prevents us from getting a Lombardi.

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