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Not one wide receiver with a jersey number above 20….that has to be a first. Not sure what it means, but we will find out.

I think they should have kept 6, but I suppose all the receivers they looked at will be available in some form or fashion if injury occurs.

Sometimes it isn’t all about talent. Heart trumps talent and is more valuable for a Super Bowl drive in some cases…execution and professionalism trumps talent in some/many cases too.

I suspect that is what we have in some of the keeps and a little better the devil you do than don’t know.

We can win a Super Bowl with this roster; it won’t be the roster if we don’t get to the SB, I guarantee it.

1. Avoid injuries.
2. Bush is top 5 in rookie of the year votes.
3. Top 10 in takeaways.
4. Improved coaching on challenges and clock management.
5. Boswell performs close to 2017.
6. A little Lady Luck.

We win the Super Bowl.

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