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Wil Masisak Host “Bradshaw2Ben” aka “B2B” aka Wil Masisak has been producing and getting the show on the air from various locales around the world despite a hectic work and travel schedule for his day job working on films and TV. On a whim a few years ago, he began scouring small school and undervalued draft prospects, publishing his B2B Directional State sleeper picks annually since 2010. At age 51, he’s still playing football every weekend, relying on his “veteran presence” to compete with 20 and 30-somethings.
FCCo-host/pundit “FC” has been loudly and honestly breaking down all things Steelers and NFL for more than a decade. His legendary Steelers “Gospel” pregame breakdowns are the gold standard.  His roots in scouting and analyzing players goes back to his infatuation with Joel Buschbaum’s seminal draft/college player guides for ProFootball Weekly, which in 1979 singlehandedly created the whole amateur fascination with the NFL draft.
Photo0275The third wheel is the lynchpin, “SteelPerch“, whose The 5th Quarter Steelers postgame reports are the best analysis you’ll find on the interwebs.  Like his longtime foil FC, Perch is an endless encyclopedia of college prospects and NFL players.
Former co-host “Hardnosed” offered an optimism and insight that is missed while he is on a self-imposed hiatus after 5 seasons.  The spirit of Hardnosed is in every episode.

4 thoughts on “About the Hosts”

  1. Hello,
    I would like to join your team. Please allow me to talk with the crew, and see if it’s a good fit.

  2. Hello B2B,

    I apologize in advance if posting this comment on your fury podcast site is not appropriate, but since it looks like you have taken over a considerable portion of the administration duties of the Steelers fury forum….and I can’t seem to find any way of contacting admins on the forum, thought I would try contacting you here. Have tried multiple times to register for the fury forums since 04/2019, and none of the attempts ever get a response to my email addresses from the admins providing the verification code to complete the registration. Do the administrators of the Fury forums have plans on allowing new registrations again?



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