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    With apologies to Shakespeare – "let me count the ways"

    What numbers should we love?


    data and crime lab stats as on television shows

    cell phone numbers


    happy anniversaries

    milestone markers of our children

    test scores


    horse races

    What numbers do we hate [or dislike]?

    school math



    body mass index

    test scores

    sad anniversaries

    Some numbers have been in both categories because our love or hate sometimes is determined by the actual number!

    Numbers in cultures and religions

    In certain cultures our age number is assigned when we finish that year plus other cultures that age number is offered at the outset of the season – beginning on day one of life. And that means you age number will differ according to your culture!

    In Hebrew, all letters have a numerical equivalent each word’s number is the total of those individual numbers – therefore words have numerical meaning along with the literal meaning. Along with the Hebrew bible [Torah or Old Testament] has a book called Numbers.

    Particular numbers have significance based on your beliefs. Some of these are 3, 7, and 666.

    Children love numbers

    counting games


    birthday candles

    the quantity of cookies or presents

    a comparative age

    just endless reciting of numbers or counting

    Teens and Adults provide the love-hate relationship with numbers

    If we so love numbers when we’re young – how are you affected that people begin to dislike them?

    Let’s move on with parents who like to discuss the terrible 2’s. Include the 2’s so "terrible" or shall we be pre-programmed to consider so? And will we pass this onto our kids so they really start learning that some numbers are not-so-good???

    Only then do we possess the amorphous "someone" who tells us that arithmetic is difficult. I not really know who started this myth but it’s a myth. Worse – we tell children that arithmetic is tougher for girls compared to boys! So those numbers learn to go into the hate category.

    We like turning 13! We have been teenagers! And soon we could drive!

    We dream to get a’s and b’s in class and also on the tests that "matter." If your numbers aren’t that which you were hoping or expecting we have sad as well as depressed. Yet a smattering of us question whether those test numbers mean anything in person outside school. We assign love/hate to them.

    And in many countries we love to reaching the legal era of driving, drinking and voting or marrying. These appear to be good numbers and then we love them.

    Unless, of course, we hate them!

    Consider the numbers that you experienced and as opposed to having a love/hate relationship together, think about whatever they mean for your requirements and why…after which learn to love these! These are your numbers and they are generally you!

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