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    There was a dream………….

    A goal to live a life of simplicity, somewhere we will bring our daughter up to realise the of every day life and now we could work together as a family to make our dream be realized.

    We researched southern Spain and discovered a region of Andalucia where Cave house living is the norm, a location of majestic beauty and stunning vistas, your location transported back Four decades to amazing traditional Spanish villages where life hasn’t changed.

    Along came our vision to make Cave Holidays Spain and develop our notion of providing amazing

    cave house holidays where you can immerse yourself naturally, but not be much off of the beaten


    And then we left britain, our time of suburbia and normality and located our perfect place in the Altiplano

    de Granada, we found the main one popular trend on our wish list, a fantastic view, the vista was in front of

    a tremendous but derelict cave house, overgrown and rundown.

    We set out during a period of 6 months to make two beautiful, stylish, spacious and comfortable cave houses, and our home too.

    It might be seemed immense when examining our original acquiring a shabby property that every the cats in

    the neighbourhood had made their house!

    Plans were written and after that redrawn up to we created two perfect cave houses, somewhere we ensured will be a place our customers could relax and relax away from the stresses of normality and experience Cave House living.

    We have arrive way since that dream five-years go, our daughter has flourished at school

    and will soon be going to Spanish University, fluent and wrongly identified as a Spaniard!

    Us have changed immeasurably, we no more ought to book time for you to certainly be a family, and also have rotating dinners, never being together as being a family.

    We not contain the stress of every day life, the worries of life in britain, even as have formulated our dream business.

    Your house for people and for our guests, somewhere we could enjoy and be sure our guests enjoy too, in a beautiful area of Andalucia.

    Cave Holidays Spain is flourishing and growing each year and we are extremely satisfied with what we are coming up with being a family.

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    spanish holiday rental go to see this useful web portal.

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