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    Before you install your RapidFireXboxOne Mod you will need a few things. This guide covers all versions of Xbox One controllers, The original controllers
    13 Aug 2015 How to Make a Backlit Xbox One Controller Mod Step 1: Video Tutorial Watch this video instead of the written tutorial, or use it to see the
    support_top. download. Xbox One Modded Controller Video Instruction. illustrated DO ALL MODDEDZONE CONTROLLERS COME WITH MASTER MOD?
    Yep,just like how I did the xbox 360 controller LED tutorial now its time to do the xbox one controller! Im going to break this up into two spoilers.
    Instructions for Evil Controllers – this includes instructions for Master Mod, Stealth Quick Start Guides: Xbox One Elite Master Mod Purchased Before 4-28-17
    8 Mar 2015
    Change the color of the the Xbox One controller Guide button without soldering. Step 2: Disassemble (Remove Controller Shell) Step 3: Disassembly (Remove Bumpers and Guide Botton Trim)
    2 Jun 2014
    28 Nov 2015 In this episode Ben will tear down the XBox One gamepad and show you how to do mods of your own, from the pin-outs to the connections for
    Complete online instructions for Mega Modz Xbox One modded controllers. Simple steps will help you master your gaming gadget in no time!

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