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    International trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories. In most countries, such trade represents a significant share of gross domestic product (GDP). While international trade has existed throughout history (for example Uttarapatha, Silk Road, Amber Road, scramble for
    economists and others mean by free trade. In contrast, any increase in tariffs is referred to as protection, or protectionism. Because tariffs raise the cost of importing products from abroad but not from domestic firms, they have the effect of protecting the domestic firms that compete with imported products. These domestic firms
    Terms of trade (TOT) refers to the relative price of imports in terms of exports and is defined as the ratio of export prices to import prices. It can be interpreted as the amount of import goods an economy can purchase per unit of export goods. An improvement of a nation’s terms of trade benefits that country in the sense that it
    22 Jun 2010 Note: each year on the graph indicates the last year of the ten years’ data sample. Source: Escaith, H. of International Merchandise Trade Statistics – Concepts and Definitions (IMTS 2010)9 reinforces the concept of . 15 Draft IMTS 2010, see
    84. Definitions and methodology. Merchandise trade. Exports and imports. Two systems of recording merchandise exports and imports are in common use. They are referred to as general trade flows, such as goods shipped through bonded warehouses. . ft/bop/2014/pdf/BPM6_11F.pdf). Trade in commercial services.
    This section provides a broad overview of the role that trade in natural resources plays in the global economy. It begins with a discussion of definitions and terminology, focusing on key features that distinguish natural resources from other types of traded goods. These features include the exhaustibility of natural resources,.

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