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    TIP IS INCLUDED, BUT In Chile, 98% of restaurants, bars, pubs and coffee shops will add 10% to your bill total (it should be properly stated in the bill). 10% is the expected bill if service was good. If your waiter or maitre d’ were excellent, maybe consider something extra.
    Tipping can make even the most experienced of travellers a little uneasy: Is it Guides on a full-day tour can be tipped $30, or $20 for a half-day tour and $10 for Chile. 10% is included in the bill at restaurants and you can top it up to 15% if
    Answer 1 of 3: How much should we tip a private tour guide for day long tours around Santiago and on Easter Island?
    7 Sep 2010 It’s always good to tip the local tour guides since in general they also get paid a very low salary. How much you should give depends on the
    13 May 2014 Customer service in Chile is not very different from most other nations with well-established service industries, and neither are the tipping
    26 Mar 2015 Guides and Drivers: Taxi drivers, 10 percent; private drivers and tour CHILE. At Restaurants: A 10 percent tip is included in the bill; feel free to
    13 Feb 2016 I’ve been getting mixed messages about tipping in Chile. We are now in the position of needing to tip a private guide and driver, and then a few A private car and driver doin a tour might but I have no experience of that.
    Items 300 – 500 Hotel workers in Chile will readily accept your tips. It’s considered good tipping etiquette to leave a gratuity for anyone that helps you out. Maids should get around 1000 pesos per night (per person); 500-1000 pesos per bag to the porters, and 5,000-10,000 pesos for the concierge.
    Chile. Chileans hardly make a big deal about tipping. When in doubt Tipping tour guides: The amount you should tip your tour guides is
    30 Jan 2013 What are some guidelines for tipping guides and drivers for a private tour for 4 couples in Patagonia ?? I think we’ll mainly have the same

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