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    <br>Advertising is a communication that uses an explicitly sponsored, non – personally delivered message to advertise or promote a business, product, idea or organization. Advertisers of advertising are usually major businesses wishing to market their products or services to the general public. The products or services promoted by advertising are usually tangible items such as automobiles, food, drugs or other things of personal use. While advertising has been used in various forms throughout history, the modern era of marketing is considered a new and distinct branch of advertising.<br><br><br><br>The word advertising is from the Greek word adios, which meant to show, reveal or publish. It was first used in medieval Europe as a way of making more money. In modern times, the promotion of a particular business or product as well as the awareness of a particular issue is often used to draw large amounts of potential customers. Advertising can be used in print, broadcasting, motion pictures, audio, or video forms.<br><br><br><br>Advertising and the visual media, it serves are increasingly gaining importance both as a way to make a profit as well as to communicate a message. Advertisers rely heavily on the power of advertising to bring in new customers and increase sales. There are currently hundreds of thousands of advertising agencies, as well as marketing agencies, who help to spread the word about corporations and this article products. In today’s market, advertising also plays a key role in shaping consumer attitudes toward a certain way of doing business. It is through advertising that consumers learn about products and services, and it is through advertising that they form opinions and judgments about how well a product or service performs.<br><br><br><br>When advertising is done properly, it can have significant impacts on customer attitudes toward a business and its products and services. Advertising, like any other form of communication, can influence purchase decisions, and in many cases it can trigger customer buying impulses. Advertising not only shapes consumer attitudes but also plays an important role in shaping the purchase decisions of key decision makers. Advertising is an important and essential part of any marketing strategy. Without advertising, many businesses would be unable to compete in today’s marketplace.<br><br><br><br>Television and radio advertising are the most common forms of advertising. Television advertising works by sending a pre-recorded message, often called an infomercial, to a targeted audience. The message is then edited for content, timing, and tone to ensure that it is suitable for the audience it will be sent to. While television advertising is extremely effective, it is also the most expensive form of advertising, costing tens of thousands of dollars for each commercial.<br><br><br><br>An infomercial is a shorter form of advertising. Unlike a television commercial, it does not have to be any longer than twenty seconds in length. Instead, it is often less than a minute long. With an infomercial, the advertiser will provide information and/or entertainment, in the form of a product or service, for customers to try for free. The customer is then prompted to purchase that product or service at the conclusion of the infomercial.<br><br><br><br>Film, print, and television advertising each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Film advertising requires the use of more expensive equipment and does not have the immediate satisfaction of receiving a free item. Print advertising, while not free, allows for greater flexibility with the size of the advertisement. It can be spread over a wide area with little loss of quality and distribution.<br><br><br><br>As previously mentioned, television and radio advertising are the highest priced forms of advertising. However, as discussed earlier, they are also the most effective. In addition, consumers have come to expect quick results from advertising. Since television and radio advertisements require production, they usually have a high profit margin. It is common for a company to make multiple advertisements in order to reach a wide variety of customers. Advertising on the Internet provides a wider range of customers and is generally less costly to produce.<br>

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