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    Good news.

    Hardnosed tells me he thinks he can get the old site up in the morning Saturday.

    I have the new site up on the new server; once we get the old site up we can migrate the old forums to the new site.

    Thanks for the patience, everyone.

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    Thank you dude.

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    I guess we all know what happens now when you leave the “s” off of https for YouTube videos! The whole site crashes. Start messing with the flux capacitor and the Deep State B2B and these things happen!

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    no kidding. We have tracked down the trouble. Hardnosed is in the loop with the hosting company.

    Either the site will be back up later today, or the new site will be live tomorrow and I will send an email to everyone. (we have th4 database with everyone’s signup email and posts).

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    The links to the forums don’t work, but other than that, you can have a sneak preview of the new front page:
    New SF Front Page

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    Looks good.

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    You have steelerfury merch?

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    yessir. please buy some. I’ll come up w some coupons soon but there’s some decent stuff in there.

    click link at top of the page

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    I don’t generally wear branded merchandise. But I will donate. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I need to resurrect my paypal account.

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    Wil Masisak

    You could by that patsterisk* tee—no branding Lol

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