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    Although airplanes are designed for a variety of pur- poses, most of them Monocoque—A shell-like fuselage design in which the stressed outer skin is used to
    covered aircraft like this Breguet 14 (circa 1917). Figure 1-8. The flying boat hull was an early semimonocoque design like this Curtiss HS-2L. Leading up to
    Aircraft Design – Aircraft Structures. Ludovic Noels. Computational & Multiscale .. First semi-monocoque aircrafts were made of duralumin (example: spitfire).
    Study and design of a monocoque wing structure with composite materials. BACHELOR’S DEGREE THESIS. Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Vehicles
    Modern aircraft structures are designed using a semi-Monocoque concept- a basic . Structural design loads affect the weight of the airframe structure, and the
    Keywords: – aircraft structure design, finite element analysis, designs. However, most aircraft used monocoque design in their structure in order to carry various
    Analysis of aircraft structure, its assemblies, sub- Aircraft designed for a particular role encounter loads . Semi-monocoque : thin shell structures where the.
    The fuselages of most naval aircraft are of all-metal construction assembled in a modification of the monocoque design. The monocoque design relies largely on
    Navy aircraft, and it is still being used in some helicopters. The monocoque design relies largely on the strength of the skin, or covering, to carry various loads.

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