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    How to Be Cool. Have you always wanted to be the cool guy, who always seems to do the right thing? Or are you learning to be the cool girl, who flows through
    30 Sep 2015 Perhaps you’ve heard stories from friends or the super cool jocks who ignored you in high school. Maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to go
    1 May 2014 We’ve all wanted to be cool. But research shows that it’s not merely a shallow desire. Cool makes a difference in life. For instance, charismatic
    How to Be Cool at School. Maybe you’ve already read up on how to be cool but are still left wondering how to apply those tips to your school life. It seems like a
    It took me 20 years to learn this. It’s the secret to becoming “cool” — something I never quite grasped — to getting girls to like you and becoming the most popular
    Let’s face it. We all want to be “cool”. But not at the expense of being fakeright? So how do you become the coolest guy in the room. while STILL being
    What is cool? What qualities do women see in cool guys? Are you a cool guy already or can you be seen as cooler? Who do you think of when you hear the term
    13 May 2017 Hey dudes, dudettes, and/or the variation of “dude” appropriate to your preferred pronouns. There is one thing we all strive to be and that’s cool.
    21 May 2012

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