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    27 Jun 2012 Its place in continuity and overall necessity may be dubious, but Hit-Girl #1 suggests this book at least has a more enjoyable story on tap than
    26 Jun 2012 Originally another artist was slated to the draw the book as it was going to Here is an exclusive preview of the first eight pages of Hit-Girl #1.
    15 May 2014 Hit-Girl spins off into her own blood-soaked series by the takes place between Kick-Ass volumes 1 and 2 as Mindy McCready tries to settle
    2 Jul 2012 “Hit-Girl” #1 goes back in time as Dave and Mindy regroup following the the hyper-violent “real” world of Kick-Ass: the book you either love to
    Pulled directly from a newsstand, Published in 2012, Cover price $2.99. If you want additional books, I ship as many books as you want for a low flat fee.
    Hit-Girl #1 (Icon) – This story takes place between Kick-Ass Volumes 1 and 2 as Mindy McCready tries to settle into life as a regular school-girl, but wants nothing
    A new series featuring Hit-Girl written by Mark Millar. Continued from Issue #3. November 1, 2012 · Issue #2. September 1, 2012 · Issue #1. August 1, 2012.
    Hit Girl #1 has 814 ratings and 17 reviews. Cliff said: I love the Kick-Ass series; it’s a love letter to comics, and is one of the most original books t
    29 Jun 2012 Hit-Girl is back, but for the first time, she isn’t sure how to achiever her aim: Being a normal girl. Major Spoilers has the details!

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